Results of the WTKU European Traditional Karate Championships and the WTKU European Children’s Cup – Rimini 2023

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European Traditional Karate Championships in Rimini – Traditional Karate Festival and Beautiful Perspective for the World Championships in Barcelona

Rimini, Italy – October 6-8, 2023 – The European Traditional Karate Championships, held in sunny Rimini, Italy, were an extraordinary event. This is the second edition of the competition, integrated in the World Traditional Karate-do Union (WTKU) platform. The first European Championships under WTKU took place two years ago in the Spodek Arena in Katowice. This year’s event gathered over 1050 participants from 14 countries, which only emphasizes the growing popularity of traditional karate.

The European Traditional Karate Championships are a unique event that not only promotes sports competition, but also the culture and values that accompany traditional karate. The competitors competed in various age categories, presenting not only their technical skills, but also the spirit of sportsmanship and discipline.

During the competition, karate fighters impressed the spectators in both kata (form) and kumite (fighting) competitions. The winners in each category were awarded the title of European Champion and impressive medals and cups. These were moments of extraordinary success and glory for the victors and their countries.

During this year’s European Championships, it was also accompanied by the European Children’s Cup in Traditional Karate of the WTKU platform. This event attracted young karate athletes who passionately presented their skills. This is the perfect opportunity to see future karate masters in action.

Prof. Ilija Jorga, President of the World Traditional Karate-do Union (WTKU), thanked all the participants, the organizers and the city of Rimini for their warm welcome. He also expressed his hope that this year’s European Championships are a promising omen for the upcoming World Traditional Karate Championships, which will be held next year in Barcelona.

This unique event in Rimini was not only a sporting competition, but also a celebration of European Traditional Karate and an opportunity to build friendship between karatekas from different countries. The event highlighted the values of traditional karate, such as respect, discipline and kindness.

The European Traditional Karate Championships in Rimini 2023 is an event that will surely be remembered by all participants and karate lovers. Congratulations to all participants and winners, and we look forward to the World Championships in Barcelona, which promises to be an unforgettable event.

Attached are the results of the European Championships and the European Children’s Cup.

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