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In connection with inquiries regarding the registration of competitors to the SportData system we inform that:

By default, competitors submitted by federations will appear on the waiting list, then they should pay the starting fee and then after checking the starting fees on our bank account, the competitors will be  transferred from the federation’s waiting list to the competitors list.

From the information contained in the regulations (1 Coach for 10 competitors/first photographer for free) discounts in the system for these submissions will be assigned manually by the person monitoring the records and monitoring the bank account (after the finalization of submissions by the federation).

To track photographers’ records, they should be saved in the system as Invited guests/Officials – there is such information in the section “Additional information” below the map.”

In addition, on the page “under the map” there is also information (attachment):

“*The photographer should be registered in the system as an official.

Discounts for coaches/photographers will be set after applications are completed”

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