Announcement No. 1 – European Traditional Karate-Do Championships & Children’s Cup

We're sharing Announcement No. 1 regarding WTKU European Traditional Karate-Do Championships & WTKU European Traditional Karate-Do Children's Cup. Please find there links for registration on Sportdata website, hotel reservations on B2Event website and entry fees bank account details.

Referee course for events in Rimini

We are going to organize the referee course as an important event for referees or national coaches. Highly recommended for WTKF, WFF, ITKF, WBKA judges for the upcoming WTKU Children's Cup and European Traditional Karate-Do Championships 2023 held in Italy, Rimini. Date: 1st September, 2023 Time: UTC 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM (London),  CEST 7:30 [...]

WTKU judges licenses – exam results

International WTKU license exams successfully passed: Juan Carlos Balmaceda - class A (Peru), Bartosz Domrazek - class B (Poland), Mariusz Levandovski - class B (Poland), Giedrius Motiejūnas- class C (Lithuania), Victor Birke - class C (Moldova), David Rokah - class C (USA), Michelle Porjes - class C (USA) Congratulations!

Results – World Traditional Karatedo Childrens Cup

Kata A Kata ind, boys 9-8 kyu Place Firstname Surename Country 1 Fabian Widera Poland 2 ALAN RECHUL Poland 3 Karen Leon Avetisyan Armenia 4 NIKITA SHMYR Ukraine Kata A Kata ind, girls 9-8 kyu Place Firstname Surename Country 1 MARTA KRAWCZYK Poland 2 Hanna Stasiak Poland 3 Lucreția Jardan Moldova 4 GURSKA DARIA Ukraine [...]

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