Gasshuku Summer Camp 2024 – Rimini – detailed information


We proudly present the logo of the upcoming WTKU World Championships Cambrils – Spain 2024

Results of the WTKU European Traditional Karate Championships and the WTKU European Children’s Cup – Rimini 2023

European Traditional Karate Championships in Rimini – Traditional Karate Festival and Beautiful Perspective for the World Championships in Barcelona Rimini, Italy – October 6-8, 2023 – The European Traditional Karate Championships, held in sunny Rimini, Italy, were an extraordinary event. This is the second edition of the competition, integrated in the World Traditional Karate-do Union […]

Frequently Asked Questions

In connection with inquiries regarding the registration of competitors to the SportData system we inform that: By default, competitors submitted by federations will appear on the waiting list, then they should pay the starting fee and then after checking the starting fees on our bank account, the competitors will be  transferred from the federation’s waiting […]

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